Mobility Performance Measures Program

Mobility Performance Measures Program Activities


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Multimodal Mobility Performance Measures Team

The purpose of Florida's Statewide Multimodal Mobility Performance Measures Team is to provide guidance and support to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the state's MPOs on multimodal mobility performance measures including reporting for internal and MAP‐21 purposes. For more about the formation and activities of the team read the article written for the TRB Committee on Performance Measurement (ABC30).

Members: Dave Lee, Brian Watts, Chris Edmonston, Todd Cox, Ed Lee, Joseph Santos, Bob Emerson, Diane Quigley, Fred Heery, Paul Simmons, Jim Green, Starsky Harrell, Lois Bush, John Moore, Neil Lyn, Waddah Farah, Kim Samson, Carlos Roa, Greg Stuart, Beth Alden, Don Scott, Greg Slay, Mike Escalante, Gary Kramer, Leeann Jacobs, DeWayne Carver, Doug McLeod, Lauren LeJeune, Denise Bunnewith, Raj Ponnaluri, Jim Halley, and Sean Santalla.

Travel Time Reliability Team

This team coordinates efforts between offices of Operations and Planning for travel time reliability monitoring and reporting.

Members: Ed Hutchinson, Catherine Bradley, Martha Hodgson, Chris Francis, Andrew Young, Lily Elefteriadou, Dave Lee, Dana Knox, Holly Munroe, Doug McLeod, LeeAnn Jacobs, Raj Ponnaluri, Elizabeth Birriel, Chris Edmonston, Thomas Hill, Jennifer Fortunas, Anita Vandervalk, and Tyrone Scorsone.

Meeting Materials

Meeting 7: MPM Team Meeting May 11, 2015

Meeting 6: MPM and Modal Team Meeting October 6, 2014

Meeting 5: MPM and Modal Team Meeting May 27, 2014

Meeting 4: MPM and Modal Team Meeting December 16, 2013

Meeting 3: MPM Team Meeting October 7, 2013

Meeting 2: MPM Team Meeting June 17, 2013

Meeting 1: MPM Team Meeting April 9-10, 2013

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