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Coordination & Outreach

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2016/17 Fall/Winter District/MPO Outreach

The purpose of this outreach is to meet with Districts and MPOs regarding the MAP-21 FAST Act Performance Measures requirements. The emphasis is on Florida's Multimodal Mobility Performance Measures program and target setting. 

Workshop Presentation for the Fall/Winter meetings

Southeast Florida Materials

The following MS Excel files are FDOT-supplied MPO Mobility Performance Measure Analyses for 2014.  The numbers are the actual, real values for the year 2014 and are based on FDOT traffic counts and analyses. Speed/travel time data are based on actual vehicle probe data.

  • Broward.xlsx
  • Indian River.xlsx
  • Martin.xlsx
  • Palm Beach.xlsx
  • Southeast Florida.xlsx
  • St. Lucie.xlsx

  • Tampa Area Materials

    materials posted soon

    DeLand Area Materials

    materials posted soon


    Summits were held to establish a plan for the direction of FDOT’s multimodal mobility performance measures program and supporting data programs. The summits were held in December 2012, January 2013, and December 2015 in Tallahassee.

    materials posted soon

    Multimodal Mobility Performance Measures Training

    One of the goals of the Multimodal Performance Measures Program Plan is to provide guidance on mobility performance measures to State and MPO stakeholders. The objectives of this goal are to educate, collaborate, and communicate the outcomes and activities of the MPM program to all stakeholders. Stakeholders include modal, planning, operations, PD&E, ITS, and executive management offices within FDOT, and MPOs. Developing and administering technical guidance and training are strategies for accomplishing this goal.

    materials posted soon

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