Mobility Performance Measures Program

Mobility Performance Measures Program Topics

Assessment of Existing Tools and Approaches

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SHRP 2 L-08 Assessment of Practical Application

This effort focuses on the Florida Department of Transportation’s review of nationally-recommended travel time reliability (TTR) practices and assessment for statewide application. The purpose of this review is to amplify Florida’s voice in the national discussion on the application of travel time reliability. Guiding methodologies for conducting, assessing, and reporting travel time reliability will be implemented. This review includes an examination of the definitions of reliability as well as the freeway and urban street methodologies. Further review efforts will focus on the development of the scenario generator and modal enhancements.

FDOT Reliability Model Independent Testing

The main objective of this study is to conduct an independent evaluation that includes an overview of the methodologies used in the model, the sensitivity of the model’s outputs to its inputs, and the accuracy of Florida DOT’s model in predicting travel time reliability performance measures. This study also compares FDOT’s model to other established TTR calculation methods, including the SHRP 2 C11 and SHRP 2 L07 models, and the use of INRIX field-measured data.  Methodologies for calculating TTR statistics, as well as comparison of the outputs between the three models and INRIX field-measured data, are documented.

Trip-Oriented Mobility Monitoring Framework Development

This report describes a study of trip-based performance analysis.  The project team reviewed current efforts in Florida and elsewhere to undertake trip-based analysis and found that the ability to measure trips from origin to destination is lacking with currently available data.

Travel Time Reliability as a Service Measure For Urban Freeways

The overall goal of this task was to establish a travel time reliability service measure for use in Florida and as a basis for including a reliability service measure in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM). [This report evaluates the use of TTR LOS based on (1) the SHRP2 L08 Reliability Rating, (2) the amount of VMT that occurs in travel speed ranges, (3) a speed statistic from the distribution of travel speeds, and (4) a TTR index for the mean, 80th, and 95th percentile TTI.

Comparison of Performance Measure Approaches

The primary objective of this task was to compare and contrast three different performance measurement approaches: Florida DOT (FDOT), Highway Capacity Manual (HCM); and Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI).

Accessibility Performance Measure Review

Involves the review of current practices in mobility performance measures for accessibility and recommendations for FDOT to apply the measures.

SHRP 2 Reliability Product Implementation Scoping Study

The SHRP 2 Reliability Program has produced several analytic products for monitoring, predicting, and using travel reliability. Use of these products is vital to integrating reliability into standard practice, especially for estimating the benefits of transportation improvements. FDOT needs to implement and test these products independently of the SHRP 2 program. To accomplish this implementation and testing, this task order will develop detailed Implementation Plans for each of the SHRP 2 products being deployed under Project L38.

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