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Development of Approaches

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Revised HCM Methodologies for Pedestrian LOS

The HCM methodology provides scores that do not provide enough sensitivity to pedestrian improvements, and do not provide an adequate range of responses. This report describes an effort by FDOT to create an alternative model that better represents how well roadways meet the needs of pedestrians.

Evaluation of the Draft HCM Ch36/TTR Methodology on Florida PD&E Studies

This study evaluated the application of the recently adopted Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) travel time reliability estimation methods (Chapter 36) to planning, design, and engineering (PD&E) studies in Florida and made recommendations on how travel time reliability should be analyzed for substantial freeway system capacity improvements.

Express Lanes Reliability Measures

The purpose of this report was to document methods, procedures, and criteria for measuring the travel time reliability and operational effectiveness of express lane facilities in Florida.  Express lanes’ performance is dependent on a number of factors, including travel time reliability, throughput, and customer satisfaction.  The effectiveness of express lanes is one part of the overall effectiveness of the entire freeway facility.


Use of Multiple Data Sources for Monitoring Mobility Performance

This report provides recommendations on a data source to use for mobility performance measures and strategies for filling in missing data. It encompasses an evaluation of the feasibility of transitioning to using data and documents the plan for this transition. 

Accessibility Performance Measure Review

Involves the review of current practices in mobility performance measures for accessibility and recommendations for FDOT to apply the measures.


Planning and Preliminary Engineering Applications Guide to the Highway Capacity Manual, NCHRP Report 825







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