Mobility Performance Measures Program

Mobility Performance Measures Program / Application of Tools

Application of Tools

Picture of a Florida Roadway

SHRP 2 Reliability Pilot Testing Grant

This report summarizes the work and results accomplished through the grant awarded to Florida DOT for the Reliability Data and Analysis Tools Proof of Concept Pilot Study under the fourth round of the SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program (L38) in November 2014.

SHRP 2 Reliability Pilot Testing Grant Final Report

Asset Management Support

The objectives of this effort are to review the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) requirements defined in MAP-21 and subsequent work by the FHWA; conduct a workshop with FDOT staff to define an approach for meeting the requirements; and write a work plan for TAMP development.

Tool for Operations Benefit/Cost (TOPS-BC) for FDOT Applications

This is a guidebook describing the adaptation of the TOPS-BC tool developed by FHWA for use in Florida. The spreadsheet-based tool is used to assess the benefits of operations projects and for producing a benefit/cost (B/C) ratio for these projects.


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